"In 2022 we have thoroughly enjoyed working with HAI. As a new partner, it’s always a pleasure working with the Business Development and Marketing teams to connect with and create value for HAI’s audience!"

Dan Rael
Co-Founder, CatalogIt


CatalogIt is a powerful, secure, and comprehensive platform for cataloging and managing collections, and publishing them to the web. We empower museums, organizations, and individuals with the tools necessary to document and tell the stories of their collections, and connect with visitors, researchers, and the community. As a modern,cloud-based Collections Management System (CMS), CatalogIt works the way you need it to: mobile and desktop, intuitive and user-friendly, packed with power, and offering discoverability at your fingertips.

Partner Services

  • Museum - Imagine loving your CMS. Streamline operations, empower your staff and volunteers, and access collections anywhere, anytime.
  • Organization - Preserve and present your organization's story by documenting and tracking its evolution through its artifacts and collections. Empower current personnel with access to your past.
  • Conservator - Document an object’s condition in detail, meticulously capture its conservation process, and track each step for complete accountability.
  • Personal - Grow your passion by digitizing and protecting your unique private collection or capturing the story of irreplaceable heirlooms.
  • Add-Ons - Publish to your own website and promote your collections to the world with our API, WordPress Plugin & iframe integration options.
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