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HAI Expands Into Family and Corporate Genealogy Research

ROCKVILLE, MD – March 20, 2024

Firm simplifies complex efforts with expert researchers, access to critical databases and repositories, and understanding of various search methodologies

HAI, a leading professional services firm offering research, discovery, and experience services, announced today that it is expanding its services to include family and corporate genealogy research. Whether wanting to trace the branches on a personal family tree, or understanding the evolution of a corporate organization, HAI’s expert researchers know how to navigate the complexities of these searches to create a complete history. Says Beth Maser, CEO and President of HAI,

“Post-pandemic, requests for personal and corporate genealogy work have increased significantly. From families looking to understand their ancestral roots, to companies looking to build out their history more deeply, the impetus for most requests has a common root: understanding what happened in the past to build for the future.”

Corporate Genealogy

Well-established organizations often grow by acquiring other companies – which themselves may have acquired other businesses as they grew. Only a small handful of companies have excellent recordkeeping in this regard; those who don’t need an outside party to better understand and make sense of their historic roots. HAI’s historians can help capture the collective knowledge and culture that makes a company unique.

This deep knowledge enables executives and other stakeholders to identify patterns, learn from past mistakes, and leverage successful strategies for future growth. From this critical research, companies can uncover important stories, liabilities, opportunities and other information regarding the entity’s:

  • Founding and early operations
  • Names and the business focus of predecessor companies
  • Brand history and any critical backdrops of those times (e.g. support of WWII efforts)
  • Evolution of products and services
  • Key leadership changes
  • Evolving cultural values and social impact

Very few organizations have an official or robust archive. The experts at HAI are often needed to sort through this information, as well as rely on special databases and repositories that can be difficult to access without the right credentials.

Family Genealogy

Family genealogy and the building of a family tree can be a time-consuming and difficult endeavor. In most families, fact and fiction often combine to make what can seem like a few simple searches into something much more complex.

No matter if records – or memories – are incomplete or inaccurate, HAI’s expert researchers can support personal genealogy research with their deep understanding of various methodologies, access to historical records, and understanding of archival resources. The team has direct access to the Library of Congress, National Archives, and other federal-level repositories, as well as the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. This means that armed with just a bit of information, HAI’s team can build trees and/or find records faster and with more ease – saving seekers countless hours and frustration.

In addition to family trees, HAI’s team can advise and research on additional details that families often seek, including:

  • Details of military service
  • Origins from enslavements
  • Immigration journeys
  • Fact-finding for conflicting family stories
  • Placing context around an ancestors’ life

About HAI

HAI’s research team is comprised of experts with decades of experience, analytical knowledge, and topical expertise, including a licensed private investigator. In addition to its greater Washington-DC based team, HAI also has field researchers across both the United States and the globe.

To learn more about HAI, call us at 301.279.9697, fill out our Contact Form or Submit an RFP.

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