Glenn Chamoff

Head of Sales & Marketing

“I could not ask for more than to bring my professional passion of sales and marketing together with my personal passion for history at a company like HAI.”

Work at HAI

Glenn leads sales and marketing at HAI and is responsible for creating a strong sales and marketing culture. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and committed in building, implementing, and managing true end-to-end and best of class business development, sales, marketing, and sales development team at HAI. Glenn works with senior management in developing strategies to increase HAI’s market share. This includes partnerships and acquisitions that fit the company’s goals.  

Path to HAI

Prior to joining HAI in October of 2022, Glenn spent most of his career in sales leadership positions, primarily at large multinational systems integrators, such as Unisys and CSC, now DXC, and smaller, niche, software firms. He was instrumental in establishing programs that became successful in influencing the course of a buyer’s journey through effective lead management, lead development & nurturing techniques. Glenn leads strategy definition and execution; his teams excel in attaining awareness, engagement, consideration and finally intent of a prospect while becoming their trusted advisor. He demonstrates results immediately and consistently, always looking to see how to innovate processes through automation and intelligence. His interest for history, particularly of New York, the Civil War and baseball, bring his love of sales together at HAI!