“Getting Started & Understanding Your Records”


  1. Different types of records need to be handled differently
  2. You need to discover what you have before you take the next step
  3. Identify your agency’s short-term, long-term and permanent records


Laura Starr: (00:06)
I am Laura Starr, Government Program Manager and Director of Business Development at HAI. As a federal agency, digitization isn’t just important. It’s actually mandated. So is your agency ready to achieve compliance with the M-19-21/M-23-07 electronic records mandate? Just as a reminder, this mandate requires that all agency permanent records be managed and transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration in digital format. After June 30th, 2024, NARA will no longer accept permanent records in paper form. They must all be in digital format.

Danny Harbison: (00:50)
And I’m Danny Harbison, vice President of NOS. Together, we offer a best in class solution to develop strategic plans and implement high quality compliance scanning for efficient and effective digitization. With the upcoming M-23-07 deadline, we want you to know that we are here to alleviate the stress of organizing and digitizing your materials so your organization can be compliant.

LS: (01:20)
And each type of record has specific requirements for handling and digitizing. These requirements are based on best practice within the industry, as well as specifications set forth by nara. So as a first step, our team conducts an audit of all of the materials in your care so that you know what you have. For example, are your records permanent? Are they long-term temporary or are they temporary records? Honestly, it’s probably a mix of all of these types. And then are all of your records in paper form or are some of them audio or video materials that will need special consideration and handling?

DH: (02:03)
The proficient teams at HAI and NOS are here to resolve any confusion and address this seemingly daunting challenge, ensuring your compliance and enabling uninterrupted business operations.

LS: (02:16)
You’re still not quite sure how to get started with the digitization process. Feel free to click the link below and we’d be happy to connect with you and do some brainstorming. Also, we hope that you’ll join us for the next Mandate Minute, which is going to be focused on developing a digitization playbook to achieve compliance.

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