Emily Sullivan

Historian | Quick-Witted Content Developer

“I love finding ways of making history personal to people, whether through spotlighting wartime letters in an exhibit or baking historical desserts to share at the office.”

Work at HAI

Emily is a historian, writer, and content developer. She loves finding ways to condense complex historical topics into fun and informative exhibits, social media posts, and articles any audience can learn from. A voracious reader, her enthusiasm for history inside the office and out has helped her offer unique recommendations for clients looking for meaningful personal stories to include in their final products.

Emily’s expertise runs from the U.S. military experience in World War II to business and fandom history to the history of food. She’s always eager to dive head first into a new historical topic and has earned a reputation as a lightning fast writer and editor. At HAI, her work has involved exhibit, website, and interactive development; in-depth historical research; multimedia research and acquisition; and archival processing.

Her clients include:

  • Acker, Merrall & Condit
  • American Battle Monuments Commission
  • National Soccer Hall of Fame
  • National World War II Museum
  • Pearson Education
  • Sazerac House
  • Tennessee State Museum
  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
  • U.S. National Park Service
  • White House Historical Association
Path to HAI

Emily first entered the historical field by acting as assistant to the curator at the Guilford Keeping Society in her hometown of Guilford, Connecticut. There, she helped bring the archives and museum collections storage up to date with industry standards, developed a partnership with local schools, and led tours and educational programs at two historic homes. In recent years, she has written articles about the history of museum programming, fandoms, film, comic books, and tiki bars, and has presented her work at the Popular Culture Association and National Council for Public History’s annual conferences. In her spare time, she maintains a blog exploring food history and historical recipes.

In 2018, Emily received a master’s degree in public history at American University, where she completed a practicum project with the National Museum of American History and interned with the education department at the National Museum of the U.S. Navy. While at AU, she received a fellowship at HAI and was brought on full-time after completing her degree. She graduated with a BA in history from Boston University in 2013.