Dr. Stephanie Fuglaar Statz Joins HAI

Date: February 16, 2021
Contact: Jen Giambrone
Telephone: 301.279.9697


Dr. Stephanie Fuglaar Statz, environmental historian, brings more than 15 years of experience to the Litigation Research & Analysis group at HAI.

HAI is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephanie Fuglaar Statz has joined HAI as Senior Historian. Located in Austin, Texas, Dr. Fuglaar Statz is an accomplished historian, scholar, and project manager, whose research specializations include environmental history, business and commodities history, urban development, and water rights.

Dr. Fuglaar Statz’s extensive academic and professional experience will support HAI’s Litigation Research & Analysis group, particularly in forensic environmental investigations, product liability and toxic torts research, state of knowledge investigations, and corporate succession and corporate genealogy projects.  “We’re thrilled that Stephanie has joined our team at History Associates.  She has researched and written on a diverse range of topics including the environment, the global history of commodities, and urban and transportation history.  Her prior research and analytical expertise will further expand the depth and breadth of services that we offer our global clientele,” said Vice President and Director of Litigation Research, Dr. Jason H. Gart.

Dr. Fuglaar Statz received her PhD at the University of Houston, where she studied under Martin V. Melosi, PhD, and Kathleen A. Brosnan JD, PhD, two internationally recognized environmental historians.  Dr. Fuglaar Statz served as Assistant Editor for the four-volume Encyclopedia of American Environmental History, and also previously served as a consulting historian on a tribal water rights case.  At HAI, Dr. Fuglaar Statz joins a multidisciplinary team of PhD and MA-trained historians, researchers, archivists, and subject-matter experts that are engaged on numerous complex legal matters.  In addition to directing historical research investigations, Dr. Fuglaar Statz will also serve as an expert witness for HAI’s litigation clients.

“I am excited to be at HAI and joining a team of talented and accomplished historians,” Dr. Fuglaar Statz noted.  “I look forward to working with—and learning from—some of the best applied history practitioners in the United States.”

In addition to her environmental and litigation research experience, Dr. Fuglaar Statz is also an active member of the public history community, where she has served on a variety of boards and committees, such as the Editorial Board of Utah Historical Quarterly, Chair of the Tooele City Historical Preservation Commission, the National Council for Public History Finance Committee,  American Society for Environmental History Rachel Carson Prize Committee, the Board of the Utah Museums Association, and various other academic prize committees, among other professional activities.

“I am excited to be at HAI and joining a team of talented and accomplished historians. I look forward to working with—and learning from—some of the best applied history practitioners in the United States.”

Dr. Stephanie Fuglaar Statz

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