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Technology Selection  

We support selection of software and hardware solutions for any digital or tech driven history, museum, research, or archives project.

The Technology Solution Landscape is infinite. As vendor-agnostic consultants, we collaborate with you to understand your organization’s needs and develop requirements to select the best technology for you. Let us help you select from a range of options:


Records Management

  • Focused on records lifecycle management (retention, retrieval, and disposition)
  • Structured organization
  • Focus on documents and images

Digital Preservation

  • Focused on long term preservation
  • Ingest from multiple sources
  • Integrity checking
  • Technical metadata extraction
  • Migration/emulation

Collections Management

  • Focused on physical artifacts
  • Manages metadata and images
  • Tracks loans and exhibitions
  • Physical storage management
  • Barcoding

Content Management

  • Focused on web distribution
  • Edit and publish content
  • Collaborative environment
  • Unstructured management
  • Supports multiple content types

Archival Management

  • Focused on archival workflows (appraisal, accessioning, arrangement, finding aids)
  • Hierarchical organization
  • Manages metadata and images
  • Physical storage management

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Focused on digital file management
  • Structured organization
  • Contains metadata and rights data
  • Transcoding and distribution
  • Focus on images and multimedia

▶ Check out how we enabled the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia to upgrade their Collections Management System (CMS)

Storytelling with Technology

We combine narrative storytelling and historical accuracy with technology solutions to create truly engaging and thrilling experiences for visitors to historic cities, sites, properties, and museums; generating increased revenue and audience engagement.   

We conduct historical research, create thoughtful phrasing and design to bring your story to life, and engage your audiences through the use of digital technology. We have collaborated with clients to digitally share their stories through the use of digital exhibits experienced online or in person, mobile apps, digital vignettes, online educational modules, and social media campaigns.

  • Check out how we brought history to life on a sprawling battlefield using a mobile app
  • Check out how we got high school students excited about history through online educational modules
  • Discover how to transform your digital assets to drive online engagement from the CEO of our digital exhibit platform partner, Pass It Down
Adaptive Reuse Funding

Digitization Services

Our clients are increasingly choosing to digitize their records to increase access, aid in preservation, create a cache of digital content to use in digital exhibits or brand initiatives, and comply with federal records management and transfer mandates.

Whatever your digitization goal, we combine the professional expertise of our archivists’, records managers’, and project managers’  with our strategic partnerships with digitization and digital preservation vendors to ensure that your records are digitized to industry standard and best practices.

HAI Digitization services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Selection assistance
  • Metadata creation
  • Project management and coordination
  • Quality assurance
  • Grant assistance