“Developing Your Playbook”


  1. Organizations have access to a complete, in-depth records management service before we even start the digitization process. The development of a digitization playbook allows us to deliver a more precise deliverable specifically tailored to our clients’ needs while enabling our scanning team to execute their tasks in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. Tip for success: Organize your team and do resource check. Who will be the project lead and who will implement the project?
  3. HAI and NOS are here to be your project champion so you won’t have to work alone to achieve compliance


Danny Harbison: (00:05)
My name is Danny Harbison, Vice President of NOS. By teaming with HAI, our clients get a full suite of records management and organizational services before we even start the digitization process. These tools allow us to provide a more precise deliverable, specifically tailored to our client’s needs. This playbook, as we call it, also enables our team to execute their tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

Laura Starr: (00:34)
HAI’s expert records managers have logged thousands of hours on planning and implementing M-19-21/M-23-07 compliance projects. The M-19-21 mandate states that strong records management is necessary for transparency and accountability and underpins our democracy. An initiative of this magnitude needs a dedicated project leader resources and plans to implement the required hands-on tasks. Our team carefully analyzes agency records, ensures we’re up to speed on the latest specifications from the National archives, and then we develop a detailed scanning playbook. The scanning playbook contains metadata rules, data structures, file naming conventions, technical specifications, and other essential details for achieving compliance.

DH: (01:33)
NOS and HAI can assist in organizing your team and perform a resource check as your project champion. You won’t have to work alone. We will be there to save you time and money by ensuring full compliance with the M-23-07 mandate.

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