Alexandra Jones

Research & Development Manager | Investigative Historian

"I’m energized by combining technology and history to engage audiences and improve the future by helping others to understand the impact of the past.”

Work at HAI

At HAI, Alexandra is a Charleston-based historian and research development manager. She focuses on combining historical research with modern technology to bring history to a wider audience. Alexandra thrives on conducting investigative research that connects historical information to current events and modern issues. 

Alexandra specializes in German corporate history from World War II to the present. At HAI, her work includes in-depth historical research, project management, and development of strategic partnerships with the private sector. 

Path to HAI

Before joining HAI in 2019, Alexandra was the founder of Houselore, a firm dedicated to researching and preserving historic buildings. She previously worked for Schlöss Brollin in Germany as well as the Charleston Museum and the Old Exchange Museum in Charleston, South Carolina.

Alexandra studied Art and Architecture History at Miami University of Ohio before attaining an MA in European History from the University of Glasgow in Scotland.