Alex Torchio

Archivist | Keeper of Historical Knowledge

"When you open a collections box, you will never know what you will encounter. It could be anything from a papercut to the thing you were looking for the whole time!"

Work at HAI

Alex joined HAI in April 2023 and works in arranging, describing, and processing a variety of collections. Alex’s passion for history means he is always looking for new stories and information that collections present. With varied collections’ experience, he is versatile when addressing a wide range of subject matters. Alex enjoys organizing each collection and making it possible for those that in the future to see what they have to offer.

Path to HAI

Prior to joining HAI, Alex received his BA in History from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania in 2020. The following year he earned his MA in Applied History with a concentration in Museum Studies, also from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. During his studies at Shippensburg, Alex completed several internships, which included at Mercer Museum, Fashion Archives and Museum of Shippensburg University, Cumberland County Historical Society, and the Hershey History Center. In addition, he served as a Graduate Assistant where he conducted archival research and collections management in several notable projects. After graduating, Alex became the Archivist at the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society in February 2022.