Addison Williams

Director of Marketing

Work at HAI

Addison is an Atlanta-based marketing strategist and writer. He works with HAI leadership and external partners to expand the reach of HAI’s brand and messaging across all channels. He’s passionate about the power of digital media to communicate new messages to broader audiences and enjoys creating strategies that bring together a unified experience for web, email, social, and more. 

Addison believes that storytelling is the heart of any good brand, and at HAI, he helps tell the story of a company that's in the business of storytelling. He holds three master’s degreesone each in marketing, business, and creative writingand loves to share his knowledge and applied experience with others. 

As Director of Marketing, Addison oversees planning, execution, analysis, and optimization of marketing efforts. He also partners directly with sales, business development, and client services team members to align their efforts and provide clients the most value from first touch through project completion and beyond into return business and client referrals. 

Path to HAI

Addison served in the US military in a Special Operations media role for five years. During that time, he became passionate about military history, legacy, and heraldry and the pride, identity, and purpose military service can foster. 

Addison first encountered HAI in the fall of 2019 as an agency partner. He immediately took to the brand and services and continued working with HAI as a vendor for another two years before deciding to come in-house as Director of Marketing.