Adam Meadors

Research Historian

Work at HAI

Adam began working at HAI as a temporary employee in June 2023. Initially hired under the Archives and Collection Management wing of HAI, Adam was eventually recruited to become a Research Historian working on Litigation and Museum and Interpretative Planning projects. Adam joined HAI permanently in July 2024, bringing with him historical knowledge in food history, the American frontier, and modern global empires. In addition, he contributes to HAI his propensity for teamwork, organization, and leadership.

Path to HAI

Adam’s route to HAI was unconventional. Spending eight years as a touring musician traveling throughout North America, Adam’s interest in history developed through experiencing the countless big cities and small towns across the continent. The places he saw and the people he met during his travels revealed to him how communities are built upon small, lesser-known histories that he had never encountered in his schoolbooks. These experiences prompted Adam to enroll in college and study history.

After years of pursuing a career as a musician, Adam enrolled at Frederick Community College where he studied both history and secondary education. He saw teaching as a way of sharing his love for history with others, and in doing so, Adam hoped to kindle an interest in history within others. After receiving his Associate Degree in Social Sciences, Adam continued to develop his skills as a historian and educator at Hood College in his hometown of Frederick, Maryland.

While attending Hood College, Adam’s interest in studying history overtook his desire to become a teacher. He was introduced to the various ways historians regularly engage with the public and share their knowledge with others. Adam participated in archival and interpretive internships with Heritage Frederick and the National Park Service at Antietam National Battlefield. These exciting experiences solidified Adam’s desire to pursue a career in history.

In the spring of 2023, Adam received his Bachelor of Arts in History, graduating as a Tischer Scholar, winning the Dr. Latkovski Memorial Prize in History, and notably completing two original theses; “Correcting the Narrative: Transactions Within the Slave Economy of Frederick County, Maryland” and “Foodways and War: How the Destruction of Indigenous Foodways Conquered the American West.”

Adam is currently attending graduate school at the University of Maryland, where he studies both History and Information and Library Science. In his free time, Adam still plays music, is an avid soccer player and fan, and enjoys reading, writing, and being in nature.